How Print Shops Improve and Maintain Brand Integrity

When you own any type of business, branding is one of the best ways to get yourself noticed. Print shop partnerships can help unify and promote your franchise branding across multiple locations. Franchises in the United States generate nearly $800 billion per year across hundreds of thousands of locations—for this reason, if you want to stand out, your marketing and branding has to be top notch.

Here’s a closer look at how print shops like 3 in 1 Design can help you promote your business and maintain brand integrity.

Why partner with a print shop?

One of the biggest challenges in owning franchises is coordinating your marketing and branding across multiple locations, long distances and different time zones. When you partner with a print shop for all of your locations, you’ll be able to create and carry out marketing plans across the country. A good print shop can help with the following:

  • Timing: When you’re updating your marketing or branding, it’s important that the changes get rolled out all at once. Consistency is one quality that lures customers in. For example, you’ll always know what you’re getting when you patronize a major chain like Starbucks or McDonald’s. When major corporations rebrand, their franchise locations all do so at the same time. That helps eliminate confusion across locations. When your franchise locations rebrand or update their promotional materials, your trusted print shop can ensure everyone gets the updated materials at the same time.
  • Preventing waste: Working with one print shop ensures that you’ll reduce overall waste. Instead of coordinating with 10 different shops, your partner shop will work with you to find the right materials and designs. If a test run doesn’t work out, there will be less waste to contend with.
  • Customizing print jobs by location: Working with one print shop can also make it easy to customize print jobs by location. Your partner company can easily change details and designs so every franchise location gets its own customized materials but still conforms to broader business-wide standards.
  • Keeping branding consistent: Finally, working with one print shop helps ensure your branding is consistent. Since consistency is so important to name recognition and customer retention, this will help keep your customers coming back.

How it works

When you partner with 3 in 1 Design, we’ll help you design the materials you need. Together, we’ll determine when you need to roll out another round of promotional materials. For example, if you want a Christmas-themed promotion, we’ll let you know the deadlines and when your locations can expect to receive their materials. Our team has the capability to coordinate with all of your franchise locations, headquarters and VIPs.

Whether you have a detailed branding plan in mind or want to get a quote on our services, 3 in 1 Design is here to help. Call us today to learn more about our printing processes, coordination and more. We look forward to helping your business succeed with high-quality printed materials suitable for every location.