3 Ways Sublimation Printing Can Increase Your Brand’s Recognition

Sublimation is one of the most attractive printing options for transferring full-color images to hard surface products, including apparel. This printing technique is associated with several benefits. It offers a continuous tone and is mess-free. Sublimation is also relatively cheap as it uses minimal energy and zero water. 

The printing technology is suitable for both small and large batches. Thus, it is suitable for customizing apparel to fit different occasions. As a result, many businesses rely on sublimation to improve their brand recognition. 

If you are struggling with getting new customers and building brand awareness, here are three ways in which sublimation can increase your brand’s recognition:

Instantly Piquing the Interest of Potential Customers

Sublimation printing can be used in branding merchandise that will function as instantaneous ice breakers. The bold and bright designs can pique the interest of potential customers. Thus, it puts them one step closer to purchasing your products. As the customers approach you to inquire about your apparel, you can use that opportunity to tell them about your products and services and the traits that make them stand out.

This strategy is especially effective during busy events, such as marketing trade expos and conferences. Sublimation printing can help your business get noticed by the attendees and translate them into customers or investors.

The Back-Up Word of Mouth Advertising

Word of mouth advertising tends to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. Like recommendations from friends and family, sublimation printing can help back up your word of mouth. When an employee or business owner wears branded apparel, they can easily start conversations about the imprinted products. 

Therefore, sublimation printing can be used in workwear. This means that employees can wear company-branded T-shirts. Besides making the workers look professional, the branded T-shirts help pass a message that the employees work for your company. Therefore, if potential customers spot your personnel wearing branded apparel, they can feel free to inquire about your products and services.

This kind of promotion tends to be effective as it feels organic. Clients do not feel as if products are being pushed on them. Therefore, they are likely to trust the brand easily and become loyal customers.

They Are Evergreen

Many advertising techniques have come and, over time, been declared obsolete. However, a timely T-shirt, hoodie or cap will never be outdated. They are evergreen in that they are always in style. Also, the message they are trying to pass stays relevant for years. 

In addition, sublimation printing allows you to market your brand off the clock. Hence, it increases brand recognition. For example, if you are out for an event during the weekend donning your branded T-shirt, you will be marketing your brand even without necessarily working.

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