5 Ways To Customize a Tote Bag

Making customized totes can be an effective way to spread awareness of your brand. As a business entity, you can give totes to your customers and prospective customers with certain designs on them to encourage referrals and repeat business. A distributor may use the process of sublimation printing to create these items. Sublimation is an innovative printing process that uses heat to put ink onto products. These are some ideas for what you can do with totes to make them useful items to distribute:

1. Add the Company’s Information

One way to make great use of totes is to add the company’s information to them. For example, you can have the company’s phone number and address information added to the totes. The items will then work like portable advertisements because new people will see the information everywhere the owner takes the totes.  

2. Use a Catch Phrase

Using a catchphrase is another great idea for tote customization. You can use whatever the company’s current logo or motto is. That will put your brand in the minds of everyone who has a tote.

3. Use Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are always an excellent way to draw attention to a product or brand. The sublimation process is excellent for producing items that have lively colors and a unique flair. 

4. Show Someone’s Face

Think about adding someone’s image as the proud face of the company to leave a message in potential clients’ minds about who the company represents. People are typically very comfortable with companies that have friendly faces as their front people. 

5. Use Your Brand’s Logo

Lastly, you can use your brand’s logo and put that on the totes. You can choose from many other styles and tactics as well. The floor is open for you to create a whole new style if you want to. 

About Sublimation and Why It’s Popular

Sublimation printing is a popular and convenient option to use if you want to create custom totes. Heat and pressure are the two tools used to perform the process of transferring digital images. It is one of the most vastly used processes to date, and for a good reason. When taken care of properly, products that have been created using sublimation have a high resistance to cracking and peeling.

Thus, it’s quite possible for totes to be reusable and to last a long time with their owners. As long as they have the appropriate care instructions, they can stretch the longevity of the time they have with the products. You can ensure your product recipients have the correct information about care by adding sublimation care labels to every tote.

These care labels explain how to watch the totes in a way that preserves them. The instructions will tell a person not to use hot water if it will cause damage, for example. Using those labels will reduce instances of people returning to you because their item peeled or cracked way before their time. You can create your own personalized tote bags with special sublimation care instructions starting today. Contact 3 in 1 Design for totes, travel mugs, and other customized promotional products.