How To Print Signs That Stand Out

Signage can be the greeting of your business. It is often the first impression your company makes, and it is how you get seen. Signage that isn’t seen that doesn’t attract, engage, or communicate, however, is signage that doesn’t work. From promotional banners and signs to every other type of marketing signage available, getting professional help makes a difference.

Getting a Sign Professionally Printed

Your company’s signage is a form of marketing, and professional printing companies like 3 In 1 Design have the experience and insights to help. From design tips to choosing the right type of material and even indoor versus outdoor signs, there are many common mistakes people and companies make regarding signage. Those are also common mistakes that can be avoided with professional printing services and expertise.

Design Tips

Understanding how to design your sign can be the difference between signage that works and signage that doesn’t. Professional printing services can help with design tips to ensure that your signage gets seen and gets the job done.

Signage Materials

The sign material you choose will impact the cost, effectiveness, and overall appearance of your signage. This is also where understanding the differences such as outdoor versus indoor signage and how the material affects appearance matters, and where professional printing services can save wasted time and money.

Common Mistakes

When businesses use promotional banners and signs, along with other marketing signage mediums, they should be aware of the common mistakes people make. Often, people get excited about an idea and rush the project. Creating effective and engaging signs takes time, planning, designing, proofing, and patience.

Many small and medium-sized businesses also try to save money by printing and creating their own signs. Unfortunately, there is a visible difference in the appearance and quality of the professional equipment and processes professional printers use.

Less is often more is also another concept many companies have a difficult time grasping. Too much clutter, too many graphics, or too many words, and you can lose your audience just as fast as you grab them.

3 In 1 Design

Welcome to 3 In 1 Design. We are a family-owned-and-operated custom print shop in San Diego, California. We specialize in creating quality, screen-printed designs, and our in-house artist can create customized design prints based on your concepts and ideas. We can also help you bring your own design to life if you’ve already got something made.

At 3 In 1 Design, we print custom graphics on t-shirts, sweatshirts, school apparel, business cards, mugs, and more. You tell us what you want, and we will make it happen. Contact us if you have any questions or to start your next signage project today.