Tips for Creating the Perfect Soccer Jersey for Your Team

Custom soccer jerseys can give your team a leg up and help you put your best foot forward. When you’ve got a team, you can have a design that stands out and makes your team feel more like a team. There’s something about having sharp, high-quality jerseys that brighten team morale and add personality to any team.

Designs To Avoid

When you are creating custom team jerseys, you need to be aware of what you have on your jersey. For example, using unreadable fonts is a bad idea, and you’ll always want to make sure your team’s jerseys are highly readable and clear. Clarity is important so referees and announcers can do their jobs. This clarity can help your team more easily spot and identify one another.

Additionally, you’ll want to avoid anything too distracting or busy on your jersey in general. You don’t need to opt for a boring jersey, but be selective with the design elements you prioritize.

Consider Color

You’ll want to know the color scheme of your team before determining your jersey. The color will impact how your team appears. You may already have team colors that you’ll want to use, but if you don’t, take some time to carefully consider what colors you want your team to wear.

Have a Budget in Mind

Your budget will impact the type of jerseys you will have. When you have a clear budget in mind, you will be able to determine how to spend your money to prioritize what is most important to you and make the most of your budget.

Best Fabric

There are various fabrics you can choose for your jersey, but for soccer players, the best choice is usually something that combines both spandex and polyester. This combination creates a stretchy, light, and breathable fabric. The spandex is used sparingly to promote stretch without reducing breathability significantly.

These materials absorb the sweat of the players so that they don’t get overheated as easily. The stretchiness also allows the jersey to move well and allows the players to play comfortably.  

Additionally, polyester and spandex are also strong, so they can withstand a lot of wear. When you combine good materials with properly fitting gear, you’ll get happier and more enthusiastic players.

Leave Time for Production

It often takes over a month to go through the process of designing and ordering your soccer jerseys, so you’ll want to allot around two months to be safe and make sure you have your jerseys when you need them.

Customize Your Jersey with 3 in 1 Design

We want to help you get jerseys that enable your players to look and feel good. Jerseys are about so much more than aesthetics, and they can impact the performance of your team. We’ll help you choose jerseys with the design and materials that give your team exactly what they need to succeed and enjoy playing soccer. Contact us today so that we can help you bring your team jerseys to life.