How Custom Banners Can Help Your Small Business

When you’re considering how to deliver a message to customers, you might first turn to online methods. But sometimes, tried-and-true physical media is the way to go. If you’re wondering how to improve your small business’s visibility, one easy way to do so is through a custom banner. They’re inexpensive and will reach a larger audience than you might think. Let’s look at the advantages of banners for small businesses.


Banners are a simple and effective way to get your name out there. An eye-catching banner can attract the attention of passersby, drivers, attendees at a trade show or event and anyone else. A well-designed banner succinctly informs people of who you are and what you do. People will either stop by your store or look you up online to take the next step, and you’re on your way to having a loyal customer.


Let’s face facts: Small business owners don’t have the money to throw around on advertising that big companies do. Commercials during the Super Bowl are just a pipe dream, but a banner is an inexpensive way to get in the game. They’ll fit pretty much any marketing budget and, when done well, will grab people’s attention.

Supporting your company’s message

If you’re heading to a trade show or local event, a banner is a great idea. It delivers your message to all the attendees quickly and without disrupting their day. The importance of banners for events is that potential customers will keep seeing your banner and your name. Banners reinforce the company’s reputation so that the next time people are passing by your store, they’re more likely to stop in.

Constant exposure

Unlike a commercial or an ad on a bus that’s visible for a limited window of time, your banner provides constant exposure as long as it remains up. People passing by your store or your trade show booth will be consistently reminded about your company. If you want a banner to be part of your long-term marketing strategy, it’s as easy as having it framed or laminated so it stays in good condition.

Custom options

You have a blank canvas when it comes to the design of banners and posters. A professional design team can help you every step of the way, creating a banner that will be uniquely suited for your small business.

You can experiment with color combinations, fonts, borders and more. Large banners are best suited for exterior advertising. Use a high-contrast color palette to make sure your company’s message is easy to read. You also want to place your banner in the highest traffic area possible so it reaches the maximum number of people.

When you’re looking for banners, posters or any other high-quality printed products to improve the visibility of your small business, 3 in 1 Design is here to help. Our talented team will create products at the cutting edge of taste and style while supporting your brand’s message. Contact us right now to learn more and request a free estimate.