What Role Does Design Play in Your Branding Strategy

The reality is that when people think of branding today, they almost always think first of the company’s logo. However, that’s just one design element that defines a company’s brand. While the concept of “brand” might be a bit elusive, there’s no doubt that brands are important. It’s what you first think of when a company’s name comes to mind.

And from the McDonald’s golden arches to an iPhone’s sleek shape, make no mistake: strong design and strong branding go hand in hand. Let’s look at how branding design companies can help your business.

Are design companies needed for branding?

A good brand does plenty of invisible work. It makes potential customers remember a business—and it makes a promise to those potential customers. Nintendo and Disney, for example, promise family-friendly entertainment. A brand reinforces your credibility and is partly responsible for creating customer loyalty.

Design is the ideal vehicle for a brand because it creates an impression as to what your business is all about. It doesn’t bombard people with information—instead, it expresses your company’s identity without words. And it’s part of everything a business does—from your website to your logo to the products themselves, potential customers are judging the design.

Think about it this way: When you’re hunting for a product or service online, will you choose the business that has a difficult-to-navigate, outdated-looking website? Or will you choose the business that has a pleasing-looking website that makes everything easy? The choice is clear.

How brands utilize design

Whether you want your business to be cutting edge or uphold timeless traditions, your message is expressed via branding. The details of design matter when you’re building a brand. For example, it would be disorienting if you went to Target’s website and everything was in green and black or blue and yellow. That’s because Target has established its red and white theme in everything from the store’s interior to the logo to the uniforms its employees wear.

The same goes for the font used on your business cards, the messages on your billboards and the merchandise with your company’s name on it. You want to make sure your branding nails your company’s message.

Creating consistency

Every communication you have with customers should reinforce your brand’s image in one way or another. It’s critical to do so both for in-person interactions and online. Your company’s packaging, online advertising and ecommerce systems all need to be unified. The idea is to create expectations for the consumer and then deliver on those expectations. This is why it’s important to create a comprehensive branding strategy that outlines the brand’s logo, style, fonts, color palette and tone.

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