Why Your Business Needs Custom Letterhead

Do you find yourself asking, “Does my business need to have a letterhead?” Whether you’re starting a new company from scratch or you already have an established business, you need to send the right message to your customers and clients, every time. Professional letterhead helps you do that. There are many reasons for a business to get a letterhead—read on to learn more about them.

Make the right impression

When you send printed materials, like business letters or other communications, to customers or clients, your letterhead is the first thing they’ll see. Aside from prominent placement at the top of your documents, the design and color of your letterhead can attract attention.

Use letterhead as a way to “dress up” your company and communicate your brand’s personality and values. Mediocre letterhead can turn off your customers—no matter how well you’ve written your business letters. Take a thoughtful approach to designing your letterhead and you’ll make the right impression on new and existing clients alike.

Communicate competence

One of the primary reasons for a business to get a letterhead is to convey professionalism and competence. Your letterhead should never look like it was done in a hurry, or as an afterthought. Use letterhead to project a sense of formality and consistency, which is what loyal customers expect from a trusted brand.

Act as a marketing tool

When you’ve taken the time to design great letterhead that symbolizes what your company or brand stands for, it makes it that much easier for your customers to remember you. Readers remember good design, especially when elements like color, font and logo all work together to create a pleasing effect.

You can communicate to your target audience with letterhead. Feel free to experiment with different design elements to evoke specific impressions and emotions from your audience. Look at your letterhead as “free” marketing. If you send out letters anyway, why not include your logo and contact information in a visually pleasing way? It’s a simple way to reinforce important information, including your business name and contact information, so clients have easy access to all the information they need to reach you.

Distinguishes your brand from the competition

Great-looking letterhead can serve as a way to distinguish your company from others who may sell similar products or services. If you’re using letterhead to attract new business, for example, a personalized letter with well-designed letterhead can help your brand truly stand out.

It always pays to get creative—add extra visual elements to make your letterhead pop. There’s a good chance that your competition isn’t paying close attention to seemingly minor details like letterhead—don’t let this simple, obvious opportunity to be unique pass you by.

Now that you know your business does need to have a letterhead, it’s time to start creating one that sends a message of competence and professionalism to your audience. Need help? Reach out to 3 in 1 Design today. We’ll put our expert design and printing skills to work so your business or brand makes the right impression, every time.